Move for the Future


As a global logistics company, Hyundai Glovis aims to upgrade our “eco-friendly green logistics operating system” in accordance with global environmental policies. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Hyundai Glovis aims to cope with climate change. We have introduced new technology in logistics and improved our GHG MRV(Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) system. Furthermore, we are continuously expanding modal shifts that convert transportation methods from road to coast shipping for added energy efficiency.

Additionally, we participate in CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project), an international environmental management evaluation system. Hyundai Glovis aims to improve its capability in green logistics and expand the usage of new energy such as hydrogen along with the government institutions and supplier companies to save energy and reduce GHG. We have a social responsibility as a global leading logistics company to discover new ways to combat climate change.


Minimizing our environmental impact is key to sustainable growth. In the U.S., Hyundai Glovis America has partnered with various agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), WCA, ISO, and more to commit ourselves to upholding various environmental standards. Glovis America and its partners are striving towards green solutions to limit carbon emissions.




Eco-friendly Smart Logistics


Hyundai Glovis has long-term plans for the future with eco-friendly smart logistics. These solutions aim to drastically reduce our carbon emissions. We are pursuing a battery distribution and recycling business for electric vehicles (EV).


Additionally, we are providing optimal services in all areas of the hydrogen supply network, from our optimized hydrogen supply network platform-based shipping to final sales.



Sustainability Goals


By making the following 3 commitments and completing the 6 tasks associated with them, we will achieve our goal of becoming a leading sustainable global logistics company.




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