Glovis can provide logistics and shipping services to a variety of industries with heavy-machinery, and other special dimension cargo. We understand it can be difficult for an industrial company to find the most cost-efficient and reliable shipping solutions, so we offer highly customizable options to fit your cargo needs.

With our owned fleet of 88 PCTC carriers we can transport not only vehicles, but also non-self-propelled cargo globally including military cargo, boats, construction machinery, steel and lengthy cargo. Our experience providing RORO services, port processing, charter services and flexible sailing schedules ensures that your industrial equipment will be delivered in a timely, cost-efficient and safe manner.

Our team of experts have special know-how experience on out of gauge cargo and will secure the appropriate transportation and permits to haul equipment. Our presence in keys ports allows Glovis to invest in strategic investments to put our customers in optimized hubs and locations for distribution facilities and other opportunities.

Ground Freight

We have special know-how and experience on handling out of gauge cargoes. We can provide door to door services such as unloading cargoes, moving oversized project equipment’s and securing state permits for your industrial cargo needs.

  • Licensed Motor Carrier with governmental permits for various hauling equipment
  • Asset based elements in key ports with an ability to strategically invest in partnership opportunities (e.g, purchase yard space, Off Dock Container Yard)

Ocean Freight

Our global Ro-ro service is not only mean for vehicles but for locomotives and construction machinery. With our owned fleet of vessels and a team of experts continuously improving routes that depart daily across the world, your industrial cargo will arrive safely and in a timely manner.

  • Global Ro-Ro Services
  • Port Processing & ITR
  • Charter Services
  • Frequent, flexible sailing schedules and ample container space