Glovis provides OEMs with a one-stop shop for finished vehicle delivery and parts logistics. With well over 1 million vehicles delivered yearly and a fleet of 88 ships, Glovis is equipped to handle constantly changing demand by providing quick and efficient transportation of vehicles.

We offer many services that improve visibility throughout the automotive value chain. Our services include factory supply services, complete port processing, and after sales part management to improve processes for more efficient production and delivery of vehicles.

Glovis provides customized solutions by utilizing our global network for all-inclusive service capabilities across OEMs and Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers. Additionally, we continue to advance our capabilities to apply our current methods to electric vehicle value chains and provide sustainable solutions in recycling and repurposing EV batteries.

End-to-End Ground Support

We have end to end capability to transport vehicles from manufacturer to customer with our owned ships and extensive network of ground carriers around the globe who handle vehicles with care to maintain the quality of your brand.

  • Haul-Away Truck and Rail Services
  • Residential Delivery
  • After-Sales Parts Transportation (DDS & LTL)

Ocean Carrier Services

We focus our transportation services on ‘Roll-On, Roll-Off’ (Ro-Ro) shipments using a fleet of Pure Car Carrier (PCC) and Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels. Our global network and service routes have immensely grown; working with all major OEMs as well as High and Heavy and Break Bulk shippers for our customers. Our goal of increasing and maximizing customer satisfaction through our service quality management is a key focus for our success.

  • Global RORO Services
  • 88 PCC & PCTC vessels
  • Over 1,000,000 finished vehicle movements

Vehicle Processing

Glovis completes well over 1 million yearly vehicle transports allowing us to provide unparalleled vehicle processing services and management for finished vehicles. We have experience streamlining factory vehicle processing and understand that port processing encompasses many moving parts. We can cover all your processing needs from In-Transit Repairs, printing Monroney stickers to washing the vehicles. Glovis upholds our customers values and respects the quality of their products, so we create a detailed process for your company to ensure vehicles arrive safely to their destination.

  • 7 Port & Inland Processing Centers
  • 3 Factory Processing Centers
  • Allocation
  • In-Transit Repairs
  • PIO Install
  • Pre-Delivery Inspections
  • Rail Ramp Management
  • Yard Management & Storage

Value Chain Solutions

When you want clarity when it comes to the logistics of your supply chain, we offer effective forms of tracking, reporting and consulting to give your company a clear view of each of the thousands of moving parts in supply chain management.

  • After-Sales Part Management
  • EV & Battery Management
  • Factory Supply Services
  • Quality Inspection System (GCMS)
  • Terminal Operating System (VELES)
  • Tracking Visibility (MTMS)
  •  Transportation System (GTMS)